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Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Alan Menken!

This is a little off-beat, but we had two big names celebrating birthdays today, so there was no way I could leave both of them off the posts. We're also celebrating the 62nd birthday of composer and songwriter Alan Menken, who forged his career by crafting some of the most memorable songs and scores for some rather iconic Disney films. Sure, he's dabbled here and there on some other projects with other studios, but anyone who knows about Alan Menken can't deny the fact that he owes a lot of his success to Disney. So what I've done here is list my five favorite cinematic scores that Menken has produced over the years. Not so ironically, they are all from his times with Disney, but that's neither here nor there. He's been able to craft some of the most magical musical compositions I've ever heard, and I hope you enjoy these just as much as I do. Once again, happy birthday, Alan Menken!

5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame


4. Enchanted


3. The Little Mermaid


2. Aladdin


1. Beauty and the Beast

2007: Nominee - Best Original Score
2010: Nominee - Best Original Score

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