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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sean Penn!

We've got two big-time birthdays to celebrate, but I think we'll start with Academy Award-winner Sean Penn, who turns 51 today. Now, I've heard that Penn is a rather polarizing figure as a result of his political tendencies - I know my father isn't much of a fan - but I don't think there's any way you can deny his acting prowess. The man snagged his Oscar wins in 2004 and 2004, effectively establishing himself as one of the pre-eminent acting forces on the Hollywood scene in the 21st century. So, as I always do, I've counted down my five favorite of Penn's roles, supplying a clip for each of them. I hope you enjoy the post as you help me celebrate Sean Penn's birthday!

5. Paul Rivers
21 Grams (2003)


4. Sam Dawson
I Am Sam (2001)


3. Jeff Spicoli
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)


2. Jimmy Markum
Mystic River (2003)


1. Harvey Milk
Milk (2008)

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