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Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Connelly!

Today we're celebrating the 41st birthday of Academy Award-winning actress, Jennifer Connelly. Jennifer landed her first role in a feature-length film in 1984's Once Upon a Time in America. She followed it two years later with Labyrinth and worked consistently through the rest of the 1980s. The early 1990s saw Jennifer starring in films like 1991's The Rocketeer and 1994's Of Love and Shadows, but it wasn't until the turn of the millennium that she really started to make a splash. In 2000, she starred in both Requiem for a Dream and Pollock, and she followed those performances up with her Oscar-winning portrayal of Alicia Nash in 2001's A Beautiful Mind. From there, she landed roles in critically-acclaimed dramas like 2003's House of Sand and Fog as well as Little Children and Blood Diamond, both of which were released in 2006. Seen most recently in the 2011 comedies The Dilemma and Salvation Boulevard, it is currently unknown as to what Jennifer's next film venture will be. So, to celebrate her birthday, I've composed a list of my five favorite Connelly performances. I hope you enjoy the videos I've supplied. Once again, happy birthday, Jennifer!

5. Maddy Bowen
Blood Diamond (2006)


4. Kathy Adamson
Little Children (2006)


3. Alicia Nash
A Beautiful Mind (2001)


2. Marion Silver
Requiem for a Dream (2000)


1. Kathy
House of Sand and Fog (2003)

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