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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Paul Giamatti!

Today, we're celebrating the 45th birthday of Academy Award-nominated actor Paul Giamatti. A Connecticut native, Paul is the son of the late Bart Giamatti, who served as both President of Yale University as well as Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Paul himself attended Yale, where he began his acting career in their theater department. From there, he channeled his energies to regional productions before finding his start on the big screen in the early 1990s. He married his wife Elizabeth in 1997, and the two remain happily married to this day. Here's a look at some of the fun facts and accolades that Giamatti has earned throughout his acting career:

First Film: Past Midnight (1991)
Last Film: The Ides of March (2011)
Next Film: Rock of Ages (2012)

Academy Awards
Nominated: Best Supporting Actor, Cinderella Man (2005)

Over the years, I've managed to see thirteen of Giamatti's films, and on average, his films have received a 'B-' grade. From these thirteen, I have created the following list of my five favorite of his performances:

5. Mike Flaherty
Win Win (2011)


4. Joe Gould
Cinderella Man (2005)


3. Miles
Sideways (2004)


2. Tom Duffy
The Ides of March (2011)


1. Harvey Pekar
American Splendor (2003)

Once again, I would like to wish Paul Giamatti a happy 45th birthday!

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