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Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ed Harris!

Today, we're celebrating the 61st birthday of four-time Academy Award-nominee, Ed Harris. Harris nabbed his first feature-film appearance in the 1978 film, Coma, and followed that up with his first named character in 1980's Borderline. He started to make a splash in the 1982 film Creepshow and 1983 film The Right Stuff. From there, he appeared in a number of films; most notably, audiences saw him as the lead in 1989's The Abyss and in the 1992 ensemble piece, Glengarry Glen Ross. Harris received his first two Oscar nominations for his performances in 1995's Apollo 13 and 1998's The Truman Show, and followed those nominations with noms for his work in 2000's Pollock and 2002's The Hours. We last saw Harris in the 2011 film That's What I Am, and audiences can next see him in 2012's Man on a Ledge. So, for his birthday, I've listed my five favorite Harris performances. I hope you enjoy the videos I was able to supply. Once again, happy birthday, Ed Harris!

5. Remy Bressant
Gone Baby Gone (2007)


4. Carl Fogarty
A History of Violence (2005)


3. Brigadier General Francis X. Hummel
The Rock (1996)


2. Parcher
A Beautiful Mind (2001)


1. Richard Brown
The Hours (2002)

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