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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Colin Farrell!

Today, we're celebrating the 36th birthday of actor Colin Farrell. A Dublin native, Farrell got his acting start in the mid-1990s, making his first credited appearance in a feature film in 1997's Drinking Crude. It wasn't until the turn of the millennium, however, that he started to gain a little more prominence on the silver screen. With larger roles in 2002's Hart's War opposite Bruce Willis and 2002's Minority Report opposite Tom Cruise, Farrell started to see a lot more screen-time. He's worked consistently throughout the 2000s, appearing in major films such as 2004's Alexander, 2008's In Bruges and 2009's Crazy Heart. Most recently, audiences have seen him in the 2011 films Horrible Bosses and Fright Night. We'll next be able to see his acting endeavors in this summer's remake of Total Recall. And so, to celebrate his birthday and his career, I've listed my five favorite of Farrell's acting performances and have found some clips for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy them. Once again, happy birthday, Colin!

5. Jerry
Fright Night (2011)


4. Syracuse
Ondine (2010)


3. Imaginarium Tony 3
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)


2. Bobby Pellitt


1. Ray
In Bruges (2008)

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